Friday, January 21, 2011

Q&A Christine Lakin

I was lucky to get to ask the wonderful Christine Lakin a few questions :)
Some of you may know her as Al from Step By Step, Joan of Arc in Showtime's Reefer Madness, Veronica Mars and CSI just to name a few. Right now you have the chance to vote on her to be on the next Dancing With The Stars. Click here to vote for her! You can vote as many times as you want. Also I would simply join this. :)

What do you always have in your purse?
Let me look right now so I can tell you honestly. Ok, dumping it out... raking through it... throwing away gum wrappers and scraps of paper... here we go: Wallet (naturally), which also includes punch cards for my manicure place, Starbucks cards, and a frequent buyer card for Foot Inspiration (my favorite little place to get hard Thai massages when I really need a good rub down). Compact hairbrush, mints, acid reflux medication (hate it), a tiny makeup bag with eyeliner, powder, blush, gloss, lip pencil, advil, pink Tweezerman tweezers (because the car is the best lighting to pluck your eyebrows in traffic!), nail file, mini perfume vial, nail clippers, hand sanitizer, bobby pins, elastic hair band and eyedrops... what can I say? Im an actress- I need it all! Also, a Larabar (natural food bar), Kleenex, business cards, my omnipresent Blackberry, my camera and some good old fashioned ChapStick. Preferably strawberry flavored.

Any favourite make up must have products?
I love dry shampoo. It's a great volumizer and perfect for days when you're lazy or want to extend a great blowout. Bumble and Bumble makes a good one. I also love their shine spray. Kerstase shampoo is a luxury but one I indulge in. Im also a big fan of Dermologica sunscreen (because I live in california and it's sunny all the time) and Laura Mercier mineral powder for everyday. I avoid wearing a lot of make up on days I don't have to.

How often do you cut/color your hair?
I go to 2 great people at Juan Juan salon in Beverly Hills - Ellie and Danny (if you're ever there, tell them I sent you!) - about once every 2 and a half months. I have bangs now and I like to think Im great at trimming them myself after a glass of wine... which is something I do not recommend. It might end in tears.

Cheap mascara or expensive mascara?
I used to be all about the Lancome mascara... then I tried Loreal Volumous and I LOVE it. My favorite right now is Clinque Extra Length mascara - the one with the green wand. It's a super black mascara and doesn't clump. So I switch it up. I definitely don't think you have to spend a ton for the same results. But its certainly fun experimenting.

Tell us your daily beauty regime
Usually shower. That's always a good start. I love to save time by keeping exfoliator in there because then I remember to use it! I love the foaming grapefruit scrub from Bliss. Delicious. I kind of want to eat it. Shower gel is usually a staple in my shower as is some kind of homemade soap from the farmers market. After I dry my hair and straighten it, I love putting some Ojan serum on the ends to make it nice and shiny. I try not to forget sunscreen every day and to drink a large bottle of water- sleep doesn't hurt either! I indulge in facials from Ole Hendrikson - Robyn MacDonald there is brilliant. See her. And all their products are great- the African Red Tea foaming cleanser and the Pick Me Up toner are among my favorites. I never forget to wash my face- even after a late night working, partying or falling asleep on the couch. The Clairsonic is an amazing tool. I even have a travel size version. Lastly, Le Mer is a luxury and anytime I find it in my cabinet I'm one happy, happy gal.

Where do you go/travel when you want to relax?
Close by: the bath. Farther: the Bahamas.
I love the beach and blue, clear water. But when I can't get that, I'll settle for a bath bomb, a hot bath and a glass of prosecco.

Whats on your TiVo?
Family Guy, Jersey Shore (obsessed), The Office, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Glee, Californication, Project Runway, Survivor, 30 Rock, Hellcats and Melissa & Joey.

What’s on your iPod?
A lot of music my friend Alex gave me. She has really good taste. I like 70's rock. I listen to a lot of vinyl at home, which can be anything from Keely Smith to Stills, Nash and Young. Katy Perry is super catchy, I love Florence and the Machine and Eminem is brilliant. Brokedown Cadillac ( is pretty awesome too.

If you could meet anyone in the world dead or alive who would it be and what would say to them?
Woah. Hard question. Probably that chicken in that joke about the road.

Last question: Ever been to Norway? :)
No but I would love to go. Why? You offering? :)
I've been to Copenhagen once but that's as far north as I've been in Europe. I took a train that parked on a ferry and brought me and my girlfriend across to the other side. Then the train left again off the ferry. It was wild. We somehow ended up staying in a brothel on accident... but that's another story.

Thanks so much Christine!! :)
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