Monday, August 18, 2008

As dark as the night

Batman was mind-blowing. I almost find it hard to put it into words. 
Everything from the storyline, the amazing cast, the make-up, the costumes were perfect. 
Heath Ledgder's performance as the joker, very Oscar worthy btw, was brilliant. Clowns definitely freak me out, now more than ever....

Manolha Dargis  from the New York Times describes it best when he says; " But his Joker is a creature of such a ghastly life, and the performance is so visceral, creepy and insistently present that the characterization pulls you in almost at once. When the Joker enters one fray with a murderous flourish and that sawed-off smile, his morbid grin a mirror of the Black Dahlia's ear-to-ear grimace, your nervous laughter will die in your throat."

Overall a spectacular movie. 

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