Saturday, August 9, 2008

You were born to play that part...

Hey there! Yeah you, hey.
Thanks for stopping by my very first blog. I never even thought I would have my own blog as cliche as that may sound. Now everybody seems to have one. Oh well, I promise though that this wont be like everyone else's.  

This blog will be a super fun, happy, make-up and fashion blog. So with that being said you will probably find me talking a lot about make up. yeah true, big shocker. uh-huh. but also some of my favorite things. For instance all sorts of weird, cute, pretty and sometimes crazy stuff that I find online,  some music, probably a little fashion gossip, and just down to things that i happen to like. Sounds good? Hope so. 

So take a seat or stand up, whatever you prefer and follow me on this journey. Next up is Oslo Fashion Week and I couldn't be more excited. Lots to do though, but totally worth the hassle. And just a couple of weeks after that a long and awaited vacation to Los Angeles is planned. So let the countdown to funtimes begin. 

lovely love,


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