Thursday, February 12, 2009

Mary Kate Olsen

This months Interview magazine is out on newstands today, and the cover girl is Mary Kate Olsen.

Mary-Kate Olsen is almost unrecognizable with her white-blond hair and icy makeup in the March issue of Interview. She's promoting her clothing lines The Row and Elizabeth and James, which launch men and footwear collections respectively this year. Unfortunately, many of you were turned off by the shoe prices already. The actress spoke about her bicoastal life, her need for privacy, and what it was like growing up on Full House. Here are some highlights:

On people prying into her personal life and Nate: "I definitely don't take any of it personally. You learn how to have a sense of humor pretty quickly. I honestly don't keep up on it unless it's something that would hurt someone else. I can take care of myself, that's not the problem. But it's just not fair to bring anyone else into the picture . . . It's always fun to welcome new people into your life. When dating anyone or becoming friends with anyone who has a different profession, a different life, it opens doors."

On NYC vs LA: "I'm definitely bicoastal, but I have to say, it's easier to live in New York than in LA. I feel like people respect other people's space a bit more here. Everyone has the right to that freedom, right? Everyone has that right. It's freezing in New York right now. In LA, it's sunny. But I would choose freezing over being followed."

On Full House: "We would get little gummy bears — like a gummy bear cut into three pieces. And we'd crawl to the gummy bear or reach for it . . . The outtakes of Full House are pretty funny . . . When we were younger, it was basically who wouldn't cry in front of the camera. As we got older, it would be split up by fun scenes. Like, say there was a cake-eating scene or riding an elephant . . . We'd split it up that way . . . Full House is on all the time. Really. I see that it's on. But last year, Ashley spent the night at my place and I woke up to the theme song at seven in the morning. I was like, 'What are you doing?' [laughs]"

MK's always been known to keep to herself, enjoying her privacy, but it's great to have a peek at her sense of humor too. Full House must seem like forever ago, and it sounds like both Olsens have some nostalgia for the show that started it all.

story taken from popsugar. pictures courtesy of interview magazine,photographer: Craig McDean / Styling: Karl Templer / Interview -Writer: Craig McDean 

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