Thursday, June 4, 2009

Diaz Mania

Cameron Diaz scored another July magazine cover, this time on Marie Claire. Like in her Vogue spread, Cameron talked about both her new movie, My Sister's Keeper, and the activism that's made her one of the most eco-friendly celebs. She took someone from the magazine along as she produced a short, exclusive video — check it out here — about what we can all do to help the planet, while also discussing her work, life, and fame. Here's more:

On being comfortable with her fame: "I just have a lot of friends. That's how I think of it. It's nice to see people smile . . . Every once in a while, you'll have those moments when people give you the stink eye. And you're like, 'What the f*ck is your problem? What, am I horrific-looking?' But really what they're thinking is, Am I seeing who I think I'm seeing? It's just a shock . . . I don't have any problem with being famous. I've completely made peace with being recognizable and people wanting to peek into my life in some way."

On her early days: "I had the good fortune of becoming famous once I had already lived a life, traveled a lot, stood in line, had to ask people to help me, had to find a way to make something work, pay the rent, scrape by . . . I used to do $4 a day with a girlfriend. We would get two tacos and split a Coke."

On this film project: "I was like, I'm going to get a camera, and I'm going to mobile-home it across the country, and I'm just going to find out what people are thinking. What would it take for the common person to become engaged. There's a lot of great minds out there who are thinking about this, who are coming up with solutions. Not to crash anybody's party, but to actually make the party better. Really, that's what it's about — that's my participation in it."

picture and story courtesy of marieclaire

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